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31 Jul 2017 at 12:00AM

Australia's National Patient & Carer Organisation Standing Committee

 Patient & Carer Organisation Standing Committee

The Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR) convened the Patient and Carer Organisation Standing Committee out of a need for leadership and to demonstrate best-practice in community engagement.  The purpose of the Standing Committee is to consider and make recommendations on matters of strategic importance, relevant to the Australian health system, that relate to patient engagement in health policy, with a specific focus on Health Technology Assessment (HTA). As a group that advocates on behalf of patients and their families, this also means helping decision-makers find solutions to issues affecting stakeholders. To this end, the Standing Committee will be a valuable resource to effectively engage with patient organisations working directly with grassroots communities, to understand their most urgent needs and what they would recommend for future patients. 

• The Standing Committee will engage directly with decision-makers in respectful dialogue about the needs of patients in the context of health policy and HTA

• In demonstrating best practice community engagement, the Standing Committee will provide linkage with patient organisations and groups outside the Committee membership

• The Standing Committee will identify education and support needs of patient organisations to help build capacity in the sector

 • We will provide advice on the needs of patients and patient groups in the context of health policy decision-making

• The Standing Committee will identify small projects that will enhance community engagement in HTA and health policy decisions to test what works for all stakeholders

We look forward to working with organisations across many different diseases with the sole purpose is to improve the lives of Australians. 

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