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UF Consumer Advisory Group


We would like to welcome our newly appointed Consumer Advisory Group (CAG). The Unicorn Foundation CAG is made up of volunteers from around Australia, who have been affected in some way by Neuroendocrine Cancer. We are so grateful to this exceptional group of 13 members who will help guide the Unicorn Foundation's activities, from a consumer perspective, and identify and help resolve unmet needs in our community.

Key activities of the group fall under four work streams:

- Resources

- Advocacy / Lobbying

- Awareness

- Research 

CAG Workshop

Consumer Advisory Group Members:

Amanda Massey

Experience: MEN 1, Pancreatic NET (pNET) and type 1 diabetes

Amanda Stork

Experience: Bowel NETs 

Catherine Sutton

Experience: Pheochromocytoma 

Denise Brown

Experience: Small Bowel NETs, Liver METs

Grant Mundell

Experience: pNET, Liver METs, MEN1, type 1 diabetes 

Jackie Barreau

Experience: Mother of Paraganglioma and SDHB affected children 

Jan Mumford

Experience: pNET

Katie Golden

Experience: pNET, Liver METs

Melissa Davis

Experience: Appendicle NET

Paul Martelli

Experience: Wife with pNET, MEN1 

Therese Townsend 

Experience: MEN1, secondary NETs, type 1 diabetes 

The Unicorn Foundation is looking forward to working on exciting projects with our CAG, and delivering more services to NET Cancer patients around Australia. Watch our news section for our latest updates.