Dialog Box

There are many legitimate questions being asked by the community, as to where donations are spent by not-for-profit charities?

Recently the media has reported on many big charities who spend as little as 17 cents in a dollar donated on the resources and services that are most needed. Many more charities, according to a June 10 report in Brisbane's courier mail, are spending up to 83 per cent of donations on chasing fundraising dollars and some are even blowing more cash raising donations than they actually receive.

Reported on channel seven's Sunday Night program were the antics of the organisation APPCO. These were quite disturbing, especially when stating that 93% of donations which people think are going to specific charities, are directed instead to APPCO. We can confirm and guarantee that the Unicorn Foundation definiltey has no relationship with this company nor any outside contractors. All our fundraising is done by our hard working staff and our incredible volunteers.

The Unicorn Foundation is proud of its transparent financial accounts, readily available on the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission) and we are all up to date, and we were recently rewarded with the ACNC charity tick of approval which is only given to those charities that comply with the ACNC registry rules and transparent reporting.

So rest assurred when it comes to donating to the Unicorn Foundation nearly 90 cents out of every dollar donated goes towards our key pillars of patient/carer support, NET Cancer research, lobbying for access to treatments and raising awareness about NET cancers within the community and healthcare professionals.