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Amanda Massey Noosa Ocean Swim Titles

I was diagnosed with NET Cancer and MEN 1 Syndrome in April 2013. The only reason the cancer was found was because I was recovering in hospital from surgery to remove a non related benign brain tumour. I was completely oblivious to the symptoms I had for possibly years of pancreatic NET Cancer. Since then I have had a number of surgeries with the last one removing my whole pancreas which has left me a type 1 diabetic. I hope that my story brings awareness to communities and medical professionals and hope to other patients.

On 11th February 2017 I plan to swim 3km at the Noosa Ocean Swim titles. Getting in the water will be a challenge, I used to love the ocean but since being a diabetic it has become a fear and I have not been swimming since. This swim will be for myself, all the patients, families and friends affected by NETs to never give up, keep fighting, face your fears head on and to just keep swimming.

There is not a lot known about these rare tumours and funding is needed for treatment and research as it is currently not funded by the government. Please help the Unicorn Foundation as Australia’s only non-for-profit medical charity focused on NETs help patients live a long and happy life.

Any contribution is much appreciated.

Thank you!