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22 Aug 2018 at 12:00AM

Vale Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul


Vale Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul

Following on from the sad news of the passing of Aretha Franklin from NET cancer, awareness about neuroendocrine cancer was raised as our CEO Simone was interviewed on Channel 9, 4pm News.

There was a flurry of social media activity after this news story with increased awareness raised via twitter, facebook and linkedin news posts. The Unicorn Foundation facebook page increased it's audience and now has over 3000 people connected.

Simone's interview on Channel 9 was a great way to spread the message about NETs and we are hopeful that more people will be aware of symptoms and ask their GP's if they have any concerns.

See the Channel 9 interview here:

Media Release: Neuroendocrine cancer killed Aretha Franklin not pancreatic cancer.pdf 

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